Dance Class

Ann Marie and I decided to take a dance class that was offered at Bemidji State.  Neither one of us were very good at dancing a polka or a waltz so we thought it would be a good idea to have a professional give us some direction so we could try and dance a polka and a waltz on our wedding day. The class was pretty fun and the instructors were very nice. It got pretty frustrating when I was struggling but it was a really fun time. We started off with a march and we would find a partner and march around the dance area in a line. Each guy would links arms with a girl and we would go around in a circle and then everybody would hold hands and we would move kind of like a snake in different directions and we would follow whatever the dance instructors wer doing. We learned a polka, cha cha cha and the waltz and it was fun. This was done befoe our wedding around March 31st so it was quite a while ago. We didn’t take anymore classes after this and we ended up not doing any of them at the wedding. It was still really fun.

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The Trip Back Up

Well opening the gifts was over and now it was time to head back up to Bemidji. The roads weren’t that great so it took a little while getting up there. I stopped in a gas station to grab a pop and Ann Marie who was following in the truck with all of the wedding gifts was close behind. It felt good to get going back up to Bemidji so we could just relax for a while after this whirwind weekend. The drive wasn’t too bad and we made up to Bemidji ok. We made up to Bemidji around 7:00 at night and left around 4:30 so it didn’t take us too much longer. Now it was time to unload the truck full of gifts which took a while after seeing Bemidji had gotten a lot more snow than Long Prairie or Little Falls so Ann Marie’s friend and I and also Ann Marie started shoveling the walk way and little bit of the driveway. This made it much easier for us to carry in the gifts. We stored the gifts in one of the bedrooms and we all sat on the couch for a while and relaxed until it was time for a stop at Walmart . Ann Marie’s friend was moving back home so we let him stay with us since he had nowhere else to go. We had quite the fun night laughing and joking and just relaxing from the crazy weekend. Ann Marie’s friend was also one of my groomsman.

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Opening Gifts

The next day we opened gifts at Ann Marie’s parent’s home.   It wasfun to see what everyone had given us.  Some of the gifts we received were luggage, knife sets, crystal bowls, waffle maker, blender, sheets, towels, handmade quilts, TV trays, card table and chairs, pictures, kettles and of course cash and gift cards.  We were fortunate that we did not receive too many duplicates. The drive to Ann Marie’s parents was longer than usual since we were leaving from the hotel in Little Falls and that the roads were still pretty bad. I was thinking man this is going to be some interesting driving when we go back up to Bemidji later on today. We made it to Ann Marie’s place and saw all the gifts that people had given us. My parents ended up coming out so it was Ann Marie, her parents, brother and sisters, grandma and uncle and my parents who were there to watch us open the gifts.  This was more of a relaxing time but we both couldn’t believe how fast the wedding day had gone it was unreal. There was pop and food at Ann Marie’s parents house so we had some of that while we opened our gifts. It was fun to see who got us what and to see what all of the cards said. After opening all of the gifts we loaded everything up in Ann Marie’s friends truck to help us take all of the gifts back to Bemidji. Ann Marie road with her friend and they followed me up to Bemidji. The wedding was offically over and Ann Marie and I now looked at being a happy newly wed couple. 

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The Dance

 The first dance was just for Ann Marie and I. We danced to Brad Paisley’s She’s Everything which was our song so that was pretty nice. Ann Marie and I were talking out on the dance floor and we couldn’t believe how fast the night was going and that the day was actually here and how the ceremony had went so fast.  After the first dance there was the father-daughter dance so Ann Marie and her father went onto the dance floor for that. That was pretty cool to see Ann Marie dancing with her father and she enjoyed this time to talk with her dad. After this came the mother-son dance and then was a nice time to dance and talk with my mom. The night kept flying by. Then there was a dance for all married couples and the DJ dismissed the couples off the dance floor by the number of years they had been married.  This went on until there was only one couple left on the dance floor besides Ann Marie and I.  This couple had been married the longest at over fifty years and the DJ asked them to offer some advice to us on what they have done over the years to have a happy marriage. There advice was dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die today. The DJ played a wide array of music such as polkas, waltzes, the electric slide, the chicken dance, modern, 50’s music and more.  This allowed everyone, young and old, to get out on the dance floor and dance.   We also did a snowball dance.  It started out with just the wedding party on the dance floor and each time the DJ yelled snowball we were to go out and select someone from the crowd to come out and dance. There was also the bouqet toss and the garter toss which were pretty entertaining. The night was fun as everybody danced into the early morning it was about 12:25 when we played the final songs and it was fitting that we ended with Happy Trails To You. What a night this had been we played all sorts of different types of music although not much of what we selected in the previous weeks was played. I think the DJ was taking more requests than anything which was fine. When it did get later into the night we started playing some Rap and HIp Hop songs which had some pretty interesting dances to go with them. After the dance Ann Marie’s uncle loaded up all the gifts into the back of his truck. We road with Ann Marie’s friend Nicole who was also a bridesmaid to the hotel. We were both very tired as we checked into our hotel suite and we went to bed and got ready for the next day of opening wedding gifts.


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  We had some time to mingle and visit with our guests before we sat down to dinner.  Our dinner included chicken, ham, mashed potatoes/gravy, mixed vegetables, dressing, cole slaw, dinner rolls, and of course wedding cake for dessert. We were able to get a picture with both Ann Marie and I with the wedding cake so that was pretty nice.  We didn’t go crazy with the cake and shove it in each others mouths but we thought that was ok.  Throughout the dinner the bridal party and our guests rang little bells and they did not quit ringing them until Ann Marie and I kissed.  Our DJ had chatted with us a few days before our wedding and asked us to put together a list of couples that we would like to have kiss instead of us.  We had some fun with this as we selected our parents, grandparents, cousins, and good friends.  It is tradition for the best man and maid of honor to give speeches after dinner so Dan, my best man and best friend and Ann Marie’s sister spoke about us as a couple. My best man had a very good speach telling about how we had been friends for a long time and just some really nice things that he said. The Maid of Honor was Ann Marie’s younger sister and she looked a little nervous when she started to give her speach. She did a good job though and had a couple of funny stories to tell about Ann Marie and I. Then I got up and thanked everyone for coming and told them to have a blast the rest of the evening during the dance.  We did put together a slide show of Ann Marie and I growing up and also pictures of the two of us together but due to some technical difficulty we weren’t able to show the complete slide show so we were a little disapppointed. This seemed liked the only problem that we had for the reception was the computer that was being used froze in the middle of the slide show but everything else seemed to be moving pretty smoothly.  Now it was almost time for the dance so we were all getting excited for this. I was trying to see if there was another DVD player at the ballroom to maybe play on the smaller TVs that they had there. I didn’t have any luck so it became a lost cause but our close friends and family were able to each get a copy of it so they can watch it whenever they want to. The chairs and tables were cleared away and the only thing that was left to do was for Ann Marie and I to cue the DJ whenever we wanted to start the first dance of the evening. 

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Bus ride after the ceremony

In the morning on our wedding day it started to rain.  While we were taking pictures it started to sleet and by the time our wedding ceremony was over it was snowing.   Some people say that if it rains on your wedding day you will be rich.  If this is true we should be loaded because we had just about every kind of precipitation you can think of on our wedding day. Although you could be rich in other ways than money.  We had rented a bus from Little Falls to come over to Long Prairie to drive us over to the Falls Ballroom in Little Falls where our reception, dinner and dance was being held. When we were done shaking hands and giving out hugs and kisses to our guests we went downstairs to get our things and then proceded to get on the bus which was parked outside of the church. The whole wedding party was in there and we celebrated and relaxed while we waited to get to the Falls Ballroom. The hard part was over and now it was time to party and have a good time at the reception. Ann Marie was pretty tired so she napped for a few minutes. The girlfriends and boyfriends of the wedding party were able to come so that was nice to see. The roads were not very good so we decided not to stop at any places along the way and to just get to our destination. Everybody was conversing with each other, taking pictures and just having a great time. It was nice to have this bus ride to have a little time to relax before the reception and dance. This was a good time to gather some thoughts on how the day had gone so far and to think about what kind of interesting events the night would bring. Before we entered on the bus Ann Marie wanted me open an ubrella and but over her head which I did. When we were walking down the steps of the church they were very slippery so we had to be very careful not to slip and fall over. Ann Marie had to extra careful because of her dress but she made it on the bus ok. We were almost to the Falls Ballroom and when we did get there and in to the building we wer told that we were here pretty early by the DJ but he made it work. The DJ announced the whole wedding party as we came into the Falls Ballroom to sit down and get ready to eat some dinner. We had made it over to Little Falls in one piece and we were thankful that the roads weren’t any worse than what they were because we would have had an even tougher time if they had been any slicker. Ann Marie had a white feather bowa that she wore into the Ballroom which was pretty neat. On the bus we were all acting pretty goofy posing with the bowa but it was all in fun. 

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Wedding Ceremony

Now I was really getting nervous as I walked up the stairs to the main floor of the church. My cousin was singing and there were quite a few people that were filling the church up already. I had decided that I was going to walk my parents up the isle since I’m their only son and I thought it would be the right thing to do. We found out that we had come up too soon and we had to wait a little bit so my cousin could sing both of the songs that Ann Marie and I had picked out. This gave us both some time to take everything in. I kept looking at the door to see who would come in next. After she was done Ann Marie’s Mom and my Mom walked up the center isle of the church and lit two candles.  After that I walked with my parents down the isle. Both of my parents were very emotional as I gave them both a hug and stood at the alter to wait for my beautiful bride. I was getting pretty nervous by now which I knew was going to happen.  I watched all of the  groomen walk down the isle with the bridesmaids. Then it came time for Ann Marie.   She looked beautiful in her white dress. What a gorgeous bride she was . I was pretty excited now to spend the rest of my life with this girl who I love so much. The ceremony went better than I thought it was going to as the priest would give little hints if we were forgetting anything in the ceremony. When it came time for his homily it was pretty interesting because the first question he asked us was “Who’s Idea was this? This question was definitely surprising to me and where he went with it is this was God’s idea and that was very true. How else could we explain how the first blind date that either of us had ever been on turned into an almost five year relationship and Marriage especially when we didn’t have a lot in common. Opposites attracting each other.  After the homily we came down from the alter and stood in front of the people to say our vows. We didn’t write our own vows we just repeated what the priest said. This was pretty exciting and it was pretty neat to slip the ring on Ann Marie’s finger. After this we went and lit the unity candle and the best man and maid of honor signed the marriage certificate. We also offerend the sign of peace to each other and took some time to offer it to our parents, grandparents, bridal party and a number of family and friends.   After we had done this Father Ken said some more prayers and then he introduced us to the congregation as Ann Marie and Mitch Noble.  Everyone clapped.  We then proceeded to the back of church and our bridal party followed.  Once they were in the back of church Ann Marie and I came back up to the front of church and dismissed everyone individually so we made sure we were able to see everyone and that gave our guests an oppurtunity to congratulate us individually. It was nice to see the family and friends who were able to make it to the ceremony even when the weather was bad.  Dissmissing everyone was a good way to visit the people and thanking them for coming and it went faster since we were on a time schedule.  The ceremony started at 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon and lasted about 40 minutes.


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Wedding Day Before the Ceremony

Well this was the big day April 25, 2008. Ann Marie and the girls were getting their hair done while my dad and I and some of the other guys in the wedding went over to Little Falls to park our cars at the hotel that we would be staying in that night. Before we drove over to Little Falls we had to go over to the flower shop and get some of the flowers that were taken over to the Falls Ballroom. After taking the flowers over there we decided to get some lunch at KFC. My two friends and I went and got some lunch when my cousin calls and reminds me not to forget his tux at Krousey’s, so after lunch we drove over to Krousey’s bridal and picked up my cousin’s tux. He ws an usher at our wedding also. After this my dad came and picked us up from the hotel so all of us left our cars over by the hotel and he headed back to Long Prairie. Pictures started at 2:00 in the afternoon and it was 12:30 when we left Little Falls so that didn’t leave us much time to get ready but it was enough. I ended up at the church by 2:00 on the dot and Tolifson Photography was just setting up in the church. We weren’t able to get any outdoor pictures because it started to rain and then snow which kind of stunk. We had pictures taken on the main floor of the church and also in the church basement. Some of the pictures that were taken were of the Wedding Party, Just the bridesmaids, just the groomsmen, The bride and the groomsmen, the groom and the bridesmaids, and then family pictures. The groom and the best man and the maid of honor and the bride were done down in the basement along with pictures of with grandparents. When we were done with the pictures I was really getting nervous as it started to get closer and closer to the ceremony. I was hoping that I wouldn’t forget anything and I think Ann Marie felt the same way. We mingled with family and friends until the ceremony offically started and then it was show time.

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Rehersal and Grooms Dinner

Well this was Thursday April 24th and most of the day was getting the final pieces put in place. My parents and I went down to Little Falls to pick up the food that was going to be served at the groom’s supper. The hospital actually catered the food so that was pretty interesting to say the least. I wasn’t really that nervous yet but I knew the next day my nerves would be shot especially during the ceremony. We also stopped by to pick up two tuxes one for an usher and one for one of the groomsmen who was traveling from Thief River Falls. When I walked into Krousey’s bridal I heard a familiar voice. I found out it was my best man and he was getting his tux fitted to make sure everything was in order. What a coincidence!  After picking up the two tuxes my parents and I headed back to Long Prairie so we could get the food to the Legion( the place where the Grooms Dinner was being held). After we dropped off the food we went back to the house and I relaxed a little bit before I had to go to the rehersal for the wedding at 7:00. It was around 4:30 at the time. Around 6:00 or so I dropped off the tux that went to the usher in my wedding, also a good friend of mine. He tried on the shirt and we found out that it was too small for him so we called up Krousey’s to see if we could get him in there to get a different shirt. I was going to go with him but it was 6:15 by the time he got to my house to pick me up so I decided that I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to late to the rehersal. How good would that have looked the groom being late to the rehersal would have been pretty bad so my friend went by himself. The groomsman who was from Thief River called me around six thirty and said that he was outside of the house. He had made into town. He was staying with me. We talked a little while and caught up on times and then it was time to go to the rehersal. When we got to the church there were a few cars there and when we opened the church most of the wedding party was there. We just had to wait for the usher, a bridesmaid and the two attendents. It helped that the priest was still in a meeting at 7:00 so he wasn’t really just waiting there and wasting time. The usher got to the church at ten after seven so he made pretty good time getting back and Ann Marie’s bridesmaids made it about five minutes later and we were ready to go. The rhersal went pretty fast as the priest was telling was where to stand when and where the unity candle was and what time we should go light it. The piano player and singer were also there so they could practice the songs that we were going to have them play. For practice I just stood at the front of the church while everybody else walked down the aisle. I would change this later for the big day the next day. The rehersal lasted about forty minutes and we only went through everything once so Ann Marie and I were a little nervous that we were going to forget something the next day. 

We went to the Legion for the Groom’s dinner and everybody who decorated the banquet hall did a nice job because it looked really nice in there.  While everybody was eating Ann Marie and I handed out our gifts to the bridemaids and groomsmen which were necklaces for the girls and beer mugs for the guys and the mugs had initials of each of the groomsmen and both ushers.  We also handed out a copies of the DVD with all of our pictures from baby to grown up for each of us and then pictures of us together.  We gave most of these to the wedding party and also grandparents and parents. After the dinner was over a few of us stayed and went over to the bar and had a few drinks and shot some pool. The celebration had officially begun and the big day wasn’t even here yet. After we saw it was 11:00 pm we thought we better go home and get some rest for the next day. 

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A Crazy Saturday Planning for a Wedding

Wow this was a very crazy past weekend as there was so much going on for the planning of our wedding. The first event Ann Marie and I had to go to was meeting with the priest for the last time before the wedding day. He wanted to go over the reading that we had picked out for the ceremony and to see how the plans were coming along and what we had done already. We met with the priest for about twenty five minutes and then it was off to the next event. I could tell already that this was going to be a crazy day with my bachelor party waiting in the wings at 5:00 that evening. It was only 12:40 when Ann Marie and I went back to my parents house to meet with the DJ Karl and his wife Amy. Amy was going to be adding pictures of both Ann Marie and I growing up for a slide show to be shown at the wedding. I was excited for this meeting because this was when we decided what songs we were going to have played at our wedding. We picked a song for our first dance as a married couple which is going to be She’s Everything by Brad Paisley. The father-daughter song will most likely be Heartland’s I Loved Her First unless we find this other song that Ann Marie is looking for. The Mother-Son song will be Rascal Flats’s My Wish. The bouquet tossing song will be Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, The group dance for the bride is I Knew The Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll. For the groom taking off the garter song will be Rick James’s Superfreak and the group dance will be I’m too Sexy.  There are some more songs that we picked out for the rest of the dance and there are a few more that we will be adding to it also.  After discussing what music we wanted with Karl we handed our pictures to Amy so she could scan all of them into the computer to make a slide show. Ann Marie’s pictures would be first going from baby to adult and then would come my pictures and then pictures of the both of us together.  The songs that we picked to be played for the slide show are Wild One by Faith Hill for Ann Marie’s photos, Life A Dance by John Michael Montgomery for my photos and When You Say Nothing At All by Allison Kraus for the both of us together.

After this meeting we met with my cousin Elise and also the piano player who is going to be playing at our wedding.  We met at the piano players house to figure out which songs we wanted played and sung in the church. We picked out a few songs that were church songs and a few modern songs that the church will allow to be played.  I’m happy that my cousin agreed to sing at my wedding because she has such a beautiful voice and some of the songs that we picked she had already sung so this will help her out a lot. This was a very crazy day of planning and I haven’t even gotten to the Bachelor Party yet.

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